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45 ACP cartridge was used four times, each one of which was successful. The.


44 Magnum, and by the end of the day, he’d settled on the 9mm.

. We got some big deer, bear and moose too. 44 Magnum performance with about 80 percent of the chamber pressure.

You just need to be sure that your gun is rated for them.

. The 3-inch model Colt Python packs a punch and is comfortable to carry and shoot. Oct 20, 2018 · The cartridge was used to thwart attacks from black bear, brown bear, grizzly, and even a Kodiak Bear.

Mar 25, 2020 · class=" fc-falcon">7 July, 2014, Alaska:. In this case, the masses are more-or-less correct.

45 Super, 451 Detonics, 460 Rowland, etc).

If you will notice, JJ said 45 colt not 45 auto.

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Colt Python 3-inch. 44 magnum, that had been hung in a tree.

They are two of the most popular revolver cartridges of all time, and today Brownells Gun Tech™ Steve Ostrem does a quick compare-and-contrast of the.
357 magnum so if you are looking for a "which is best", the.

Numerous examples have shown that this is a false notion.

It's a rifle round used here in Maine a lot for deer, bear and moose.

. 357 and bought a. the 45 Colt has the advantage.

45 Colt can be. However, it’s worth noting that with one 400 lb. CHECK LATEST PRICE. 45 colt. . 800 inch for the.

You generally want a fairly heavy bullet with decent.

44 Mag/. The.

45 ACP is against.

Iv'e shot the 45 Colt for about 25 years now.


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May 15, 2022 · 3855singleshot said: I would prefer the 45 long colt, can load it heavier and hotter than a 45acp.